Workers compensation insurance was created to protect employees and their families in instances of work-related injuries sustained from accidents. This works in the best interest of everyone involved – including employers. But there are certain guidelines to follow, and not every injury qualifies one for a worker’s compensation benefit.

What Is The Purpose?

Without workers compensation, the consequences from a debilitating injury would be even more staggering. If you’re injured, you’re not going to get the hours you need in order to pay the bills. On top of that, you’ll have medical expenses to cover. If you’re without any financial assistance, you are piling on the debt.

Workers compensation fixes this issue – both for employees and employers. Employers won’t have to worry about any legal action against them. 

When an employee gets hurt, the insurance company is the one disbursing the funds. Nothing comes out of the employer’s pocket, except for the costs required for keeping the insurance policy.

In extreme cases where a work-related accident results in death, the insurance company will provide a death benefit for the employee’s surviving loved ones.

How Do I Qualify?

The circumstances surrounding your injury determine whether you can receive workers compensation. 

The accident must take place during working hours, either while at the workplace or driving as part of a work-related errand.

Injuries must be purely accidental. Workers compensation will not award benefits to those whose injuries were self-inflicted. Likewise, an employee who was intoxicated while on the job will be disqualified from obtaining benefits.

While workers compensation is mostly used in reference to single accidents, it also has provisions for employees who sustain repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back injuries from jobs requiring heavy lifting.

What Is The Process?

Receiving benefits following an injury requires following a process. You’ll need to let your company’s human resources department know about your injury as soon as you can. Get all the paperwork necessary for filling out the claim. Your employer will need to fill out the paperwork as well.

You’ll also need to get a doctor to verify that your injury is severe enough to keep you from performing work-related tasks and that it was the result of an accident at your workplace. The doctor will then file a medical report.

From this point, you can file a claim, and once it has been processed, you will receive worker’s compensation benefits.

The coverage is meant for you to get through the healing process without suffering financially. It’s there to get you by until you’re able to resume working.

We’re Here No Matter What

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