Short Term Health Plans


Short term health insurance plans are an affordable, lower coverage plan ideal for people transitioning between jobs or waiting to become eligible for Medicare. Contact The Coleman Agency for more information about short term health plans.

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Short term health insurance is a good solution to help bridge the gap in coverage between permanent plans. These plans are often a good idea for people with a short time before they become eligible for Medicare. It can also be a cost-effective option for people with few health concerns who can afford the less comprehensive coverage.

Short Term Health Plan Coverage

Short term health insurance plans have slightly less comprehensive coverage than permanent health insurance plans. These plans cover emergency visits to the hospital, some prescription medications, and some doctors appointments. These plans will not cover all of the Essential Health Benefits laid out in the ACA.

These plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, maternity care, or mental health care. Many of these plans also have waiting periods. Coverage for certain care will begin after the waiting period has passed. You should also note that if a condition develops while you have a short term plan and you switch to a different short term plan, that condition may be considered pre-existing by the new plan and treatment may not be covered.

Short Term Health Plan Costs

Short term health insurance plans are a great choice for people looking to save on costs. They are generally much more affordable than permanent health insurance plans you can find on the health insurance marketplace. You may be able to find a plan for less than $60 per month, depending on where you live and the coverage you are looking for.

Who Gets Short Term Health Plans?

Short term health insurance plans are a good choice for people who are in between jobs and cannot afford to pay for COBRA coverage to keep their former benefits. This is also a good option for people who cannot get major medical coverage. People who retire early and are not yet eligible for Medicare coverage should consider short term health plans if they are in good health and will not anticipate needing health care. Students who go away for school, such as college students attending university in another state, can purchase a short term health plan to cover them in that region for the specified period of time while they are a student.

Short Term Health Plan Eligibility

You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and disclose pre-existing conditions when you apply for a short term health policy. You may not be accepted if you are pregnant, over a certain weight, have a history of treatment for HIV or AIDS, qualify for Medicaid, or if you are not a U.S. citizen.

Choosing a Short Term Health Plan

Short term health insurance plans can be a great investment for people with few health needs who are looking for an affordable health insurance plan. Let The Coleman Agency help you find a short term health plan today.

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