if you think you can get by without dental insurance, think again

Why Is Dental Insurance Important?

Your oral health is critically important, and dental insurance can help you cover the cost of the item or dental service you need—so you can maintain that great smile. There are many options for dental insurance, and we’re here to help you find a policy that works best for you. The Coleman Agency explains what you need to know about buying dental insurance.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover

It’s always important to look closely at what’s included in your dental insurance policy. Many people think that a typical dental insurance plan will cover expensive cosmetic procedures, but this is often not the case. While it may be possible to find coverage that offers some level of coverage for said procedures, this is highly situational. 

What your dental insurance plan will cover depends on the type of plan you have and the level of coverage you choose. In general, expect dental insurance to cover core procedures like tooth extractions, root canals, routine cleanings, and the like. Cosmetic surgeries that wouldn’t be covered include procedures such as implants. If you want those procedures performed, you may need to pay entirely out-of-pocket. 

Types Of Dental Insurance

Dental plans always fall into at least one of several categories. The categories are:

  • Direct Reimbursement: These plans are typically employer funded and allow you to choose ANY dentist without the bother of networks. In a direct reimbursement plan, you’re repaid for money you spend on dental work, which is not restricted to certain treatments. Some employers may pay the dentist directly while others may reimburse YOU after you’ve paid for your dental care. There’s typically a maximum annual allowance—on average, it’s around $1,000 to $1,500.
  • UCR Programs: Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) programs are flexible plans that pay a set percentage of dentist’s fees, or the plan administrator’s max “reasonable” or “customary” fee limit. The rates featured by these plans may not actually reflect the real rates being charged for services in your area, so it’s possible to be declined by the provider. 
  • Table Allowance Program: These plans have a determined list of covered services that are covered up to a set dollar amount. The dental plan will only pay up to the amount listed in the policy, so you can’t negotiate to have them pay larger amounts of the bill. 

Find The Right Dental Insurance

You won’t be able to find the best dental insurance policy if you don’t shop with a skilled agent. Leverage the help of an insurance professional in your search for coverage and peace of mind. Call The Coleman Agency to get started.