Medicare Information

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Medicare is the largest health insurance program offered by the U.S. government, serving more than 59 million Americans.1

There are two main ways to get Medicare coverage:

  • Get Original Medicare from the U.S. government and buy additional coverage as needed
  • Opt for a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan from a private insurer

MA plans are required to provide coverage that, at minimum, matches the coverage provided by Original Medicare.

Medicare Information

Medicare provides vital, low-cost healthcare coverage to seniors and those with a disability. It is an incredibly important consideration for everyone to know about and prepare for.

What Medicare Can Do For You

The Coleman Agency’s number one priority is always you. So the first question we aim to answer is—what can Medicare do for you? 

  • Help cover vital medical costs: Medicare covers a huge variety of medical costs, from hospital stays, checkups and prevention, and much more. 
  • Guarantee low-cost health coverage after retirement: Retirement is scary for a lot of reasons. One top-priority concern is health coverage because, as we age, we need more care. Medicare makes sure that you do not pay these costs totally out-of-pocket, with plenty of additional coverage options to make sure you get a personalized plan.
  • Provide peace-of-mind: Living without work would otherwise leave you without covered health insurance if it weren’t for Medicare. Rather than finding and paying for an expensive plan elsewhere, you can rest easy with peace-of-mind knowing that you have a great plan.

Who Can Get Medicare

Medicare is available to anyone over age 65 or those with a disability. Most individual’s health insurance is connected to their job, so receiving a “replacement” health plan when you retire is very important. You can begin applying for Medicare 3 months before your 65th birthday, and you will likely be automatically enrolled in Part A and Part B.

If you are still working at age 65, you can still get Medicare if you would like. However, you will not be penalized if you choose to delay it. For those with a disability—regardless of age—you are automatically enrolled after receiving 24 months of Social Security disability benefits.

Parts of Medicare Coverage

The main type of Medicare you may already be familiar with is Original Medicare. This includes Part A and Part B. Everyone eligible can get these plans and receive low-cost hospital care and general medical care including checkups, preventative care, and virtually anything that is deemed “medically necessary” by your doctor.

Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage, takes all of the benefits of Original Medicare, and provides additional care coordination to reduce the cost of your regular care. In other words, you will receive access to a network of healthcare providers that will cost less than those out-of-network.

Medicare Supplements, or Medigap, provides a number of additional benefits not covered under Original Medicare. This can include coverage for your Part A and Part B deductibles, copayments, and more.

Medicare Part D provides coverage for prescription drugs. It can either be purchased alongside Original Medicare, or is likely already included in a Part C policy, but this will vary among plans.

The Cost of Medicare

Compared to other health insurance plans for seniors, Medicare is some of the least expensive and most accessible.

If you worked at least 10 years paying Medicare taxes (which most people have), you will receive premium-free Part A. For Part B, the premium as of 2021 is $148.50. You must pay a deductible for both parts of Original Medicare. For Part A, this is $1,484 per benefit period. For Part B, it is an annual $203. Other Medicare policies (i.e. Part C, D, and supplements), will vary based on the provider.

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